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Proposal: The Date Company

Let’s show you what we offer and how we can work together.

More than a website

Anyone can build a one-size-fits-all website with basic customisation. We see it as more than that. You are paying for an investment into growth. A website, if done well, can drive business objectives rather than being an afterthought.

Tailored for you

We start with your perfect vision and use our knowledge of websites to complete the job. Research is done for your industry to ensure that the product is smooth and easy to use.

We obssess over every single detail and feature. Responsive design ensures that all mobile users feel the same experience.

No headaches

In addition to our design, we ensure the foundations of your website are perfect. This includes superfast hosting, with CloudLinux and LiteSpeed – the world’s FASTEST hosting webserver. Hourly backups are included as standard.

We use WordPress to make it easy for you to manage your website. It powers 30% of the internet.

We promise 100% uptime.

The Specifics

An overview of what we can do for The Date Company.

Core features

– Showcase your product offering (dates) in a beautiful way that is true to your brand.

– Integrate an online store which makes it seamless to order dates and increase conversions.

– Pad your website with extra content to give a unique brand impression.

Why us?

– We are passionate about creating a digital presence for The Date Company, which is an area required for growth.

– We will work very closely with you on your vision for the website and your targets. Our level of detail is unmatched at our price point.


1 to 2 weeks for a first revision. Very fast timeframe compared to the web design industry. General design of first revision is usually final, with needed amendments of course.


We believe £720 / £60monthlyx12 is a fair price for this project.

If done for free this would be significantly less, but not £zero (as we would incur a loss due to hosting fees etc.)

We would love to be a part of this project and hope our offering convinces you!

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